Oral History Project

The Oral History Project is a joint undertaking of Seely Hall and videographer Timothy Reeves-Horton of Picnic Studios. The Project aims to record on videotape the reminiscences of long-time residents of the Port Medway area and to memorialize other accounts and vignettes of life in Port. In this way we hope to preserve part of Port Medway’s history in an attractive and accessible form. Several videos have been made so far:

1. Seely Hall Dec 2016
2. The Port Grocer Front Table
3. Life at the End of Long Cove Road
4. Elinor’s Legacy
5. The Circle That Brought Them Together
6. The Old Home Next Door
7. Port Medway in the 1960s with Jim Gaskell
8. Maurice Whynot – Port Medway 50s – 60s
9. Maurice Whynot – Fishing Long Cove
10. Maurice Whynot – From the Ashes
11. A Walk through the Home Place with Calvin “Bud” Trillin
12. Dance of the Baptist Churches
13. Willis Baker and Sheldon Cohoon Come A-Callin’

More are planned.

Underlined videos can be viewed on a separate page by clicking on the name. The full collection is available for viewing in Seely Hall (on the second floor) during the summer, either when the Hall is open or by appointment.

We welcome any suggestions for videos or for the Oral History Project in general. Please send them to [email protected]