In the fall of 2016, Cynthia Wine and Philip Slayton bought Seely Hall intending to rehabilitate the building and offer it free-of-charge for suitable community events.

A two-year refurbishment began in the spring of 2017, undertaken by Adam Burgess, of Wood Life, and his excellent crew. The plan calls, on the outside, for new clapboard siding and traditional wooden windows, replicating Seely Hall’s original appearance. Inside, on the ground level, floors and ceilings have been repaired and new lighting installed. The second floor will be restored to its original state (so far as this is known), turning it back into a space suitable for meetings and entertainment, and a new staircase will be installed.

The main exhibition space on the ground floor has been named “The Dan and Louise Sinclair Room” in recognition of the great and discrete contribution of Dan and Louise to the Medway area for more than two decades.

As of Spring 2019, seven old windows, including the two “church windows” on the south wall, have been replaced with new wooden ones built by Jeff Langille of Barss Corner in the style of the originals.

Seely Hall church windows
New church-style windows by Jeff Langille.