Exhibits and Programs

July 6 to 14 – Art at Seely Hall, curated by Louise Sinclair and Rachel Summers, with work by Pam Purves, Louise Sinclair, Rachel Summers, Fran Whitelaw, Doug Guildford and Susan Feindel. Opening 4 to 7pm, July 6. (Combine a visit to the exhibition with lunch at The Port Grocer, and drop by Port Medway Art & Design across the street from the Hall)


August 12 – Port Medway Readers’ Festival reception and book signing with Linda Spalding (click here for ticketing information)

August 17 to 27 – the annual Traditional Arts and Crafts Show in support of the Medway Head lighthouse

Watch this space for further announcements about events, exhibits and programs during the summer of 2018.


We invite the use of Seely Hall (free-of-charge) for community events, exhibits, and programs. If you would like to use the Hall, or have ideas for its use, let us know at [email protected]

There is a limited amount of space for exhibition of significant local historical artifacts. If you would like to give or lend an object for exhibition, write to us at [email protected]


In the summer of 2017, the Hall was host to two exhibits on its refurbished ground floor, the annual Lighthouse Traditional Arts and Crafts Show organized by Johanna Hancock, and the bi-annual Port Medway History Show curated by Bob Whitelaw.